Write my essay please gunderman

As a blog editor and writer, I follow a number of other blogs on a range of topics, as a way to keep tabs on what similar blogs are posting, stay current with write my essay please gunderman trends, follow current news and information, and add some variety to essa online reading. It was in the latter category earlier this summer, that I came across an article that threw me for a loop.

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The article caught write my essay please gunderman eye because it was about college students writing essays. As I read the piece, I was horrified to discover that the author was supporting the idea that students, finding themselves in a bind over a tight deadline, should feel it perfectly acceptable to pay for someone to write an essay or term paper for them. Students have enough stress in their lives, the authored reasoned, why not avail themselves of an essay-writing service?

write my essay please gunderman

It turns out that write my essay please gunderman are numerous such services out there. I was aware of this fact in ginderman because this blog gets a fair number of spam comments, and in a given week, at least a couple of these are from paper-writing companies offering their wares.

These companies employ writers with M. This includes entire dissertations. Note the date, —this is not a brand new problem.

write my essay please gunderman

Gunderman outlines a typical scenario: An instructor receives a paper from a student that is excellent in all regards, but is suspicious because the writing is far superior to that of other work the student has submitted. Confronting the student reveals that they have purchased the paper from an online service.

This is not plagiarism—the work was original. Gunderson looks at the culture that perpetuates these services from both the standpoint of the consumers and those doing the real work. High-stakes assignments write my essay please gunderman no scaffolding and inflexible write my essay please gunderman create an environment where students may feel desperate.

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Getting Smart—Cheating 2. Pierce suggests that instructors educate their students on the risks that using writing services brings to both themselves and the public at large.

Graduates need to be properly qualified or they may ultimately endanger or harm people who depend on their work.

write my essay please gunderman

Esssay risks for students themselves start with getting caught. But just as important, instructors should examine their assignments and consider designs that will make it less likely that a student will use a paper-writing service.

Scaffolding the work towards a final paper by creating smaller, lower-stakes assignments along the way will keep students from falling behind.]

write my essay please gunderman