Write essay on my garden

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Essay on My Garden for Class 1 Students

A garden is a designed area of land adjacent to a house where fresh plants, flowers, and fruits in trees and other elements of nature are cultivated.

Natural and man-made materials are used in the garden.

write essay on my garden

Many individuals take up gardening as a pastime because it allows them to clear their minds while being surrounded by natural beauty such as trees and birds. The Garden is one of the best places in the house according to me.

write essay on my garden

As it is the only place where we all get some relief from a busy schedule. Moreover, having a garden in the house provides many health benefits.

Essay on My Garden

Example, a garden has many plants which produce oxygen. My house has a small garden. It contains different types write essay on my garden plants like it consists of various flowers such as roses, lilies, sunflowers and daisies. All flowers have different colors but I like roses. My mother also grows vegetables in the garden.

We grow vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and coriander. My garden gardfn very beautiful and daily birds come to drink water.

Long and Short Essay on My Garden in English

My Mummy and I take care of the garden daily by giving water to all plants in the om and evening. In my garden, I have swings like a see-saw, slides. My friends come to my garden everyday and I enjoy playing write essay on my garden them.

One cat comes to my garden and I feed her everyday.

write essay on my garden

My grandmother and I put grains and a small pot of water for birds. I love my garden. The given example, "An essay about my garden for Class 1," can help your kids in learning how to write a paragraph on my garden write essay on my garden Class 1.

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Essay on My Garden for Children and Students

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write essay on my garden