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The term computer was once used to refer to a person who did computation, unlike today.

Long and Short Essay on Computer in English

The development of early prototypes that led to the modern computer is credited to many individuals throughout history. A series of breakthroughs, beginning with transistor computers and then integrated circuit computers, write essay on my computer in the development of transistor technology and the integrated circuit clmputer, causing digital computers to largely replace analogue computers. In this essay, we will discuss the various components and types of computers and talk about their uses in various fields.

A computer is an electronic tool that manipulates data or information.

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It can store, retrieve, and process information. We can type documents, send emails, play games, and browse the Web using a computer.

write essay on my computer

It can also be used ,y edit spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos, or create them. Early computers were conceived only as devices for calculating. Simple manual devices such as the abacus have helped individuals do calculations since ancient times.

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Some mechanical devices were built early in the Industrial Revolution to automate long, tedious tasks, such as guiding patterns for looms. In the early 20th century, write essay on my computer sophisticated electrical machines performed specialized analogue calculations.

All those parts of a computer that are tangible physical objects are covered under the term hardware. The hardware includes cojputer, computer chips, graphics cards, sound college essay writer reddit, memory RAMmotherboards, displays, power supplies, cables, keyboards, printers and esasy input devices.

There are five main hardware components:. Input Devices:.

write essay on my computer

Example- keyboard, mouse, scanner, document reader, barcode reader, optical character reader, magnetic reader etc. Output Devices:. Example- monitor, printer, speaker, projector etc.

write essay on my computer

Control Unit:. The control unit handles the various components of the computer; it reads and interprets decodes the instructions for the program, transforming them into control signals that activate other computer parts. Arithmetic Logic Unit:.

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It is capable of performing arithmetical and logical functions. The set of arithmetic operations supported by a specific ALU may be restricted to addition and subtraction or may include functions of multiplication, division, trigonometries such as sine, write essay on my computer, etc. Central Processing Unit:. It is sometimes called the computer's writf, and its job is to perform commands.

write essay on my computer

We send instructions to the CPU whenever we press a key, click the mouse, or start an application.]