Write an essay on i love my india

India is a beautiful country and I love my country and I also feel blessed to be its part. It is a nation with a variety of social and cultural differences. It is one of the highest populated countries still we live with lots of love and harmony. India is my country and I love my nation.

write an essay on i love my india

All of us like our motherland and India is my motherland, so it holds a special place in my heart. India is a multi-cultural family, where you can find different types of people, cultures, traditions, religions as well as languages.

India is lovw in the Northern hemisphere and covers the border of 15, km of land.

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The distance between the northern and southern parts of India is 3, km. Whereas from east to west covers the distance of 2, km. The northern part of India has the white and tall Himalayas, whereas the southern part welcomes you with the sea in all of its sides. The eastern part serves you the goodness of tea, whereas the west has the beauty of Thar Desert.

There are many rivers and Ganga is the longest. It also has three oceans, the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Indian Sea in the south, and the Arabian Sea in the west. It is really a beautiful nation with lots of things to explain.

The natural and cultural beauty automatically steals the heart. A nation is simply an identity of people within it.

write an essay on i love my india

People together make a nation and I am proud to be an Indian. I love my country and its people.

Short and Long Essays on why I Love My India

We treat our guests as our God and what can be more beautiful than this. You would have seen many countries but I have never seen wwrite India, such a beautiful country it is.

write an essay on i love my india

Either it is its culture, heritage, beauty, etc. People in India like to follow their tradition and it is really a very good thing. Their traditional clothes, food, all are really markable. A nation is especially known for its history and India was called a Golden Bird and this bird was looted by different rulers.


It sounds really good to witness such a beautiful history. They build various monuments and buildings which are still as it is. It is known as a symbol of love and it attracts people from different nations to visit India.]

write an essay on i love my india