Write an essay on an ideal man in my life

Who is the ideal of your life, who's words and thoughts give strength to handle any kind of situations? Didn't get the answer. Contact people of Talent-Common Sense directly by clicking here. About Us. Talent Common Sense Forum Who is the ideal of your life? Who is the ideal of your life? Eslavath 29 Apr 19 Answers answer. View all vote's. No Vote.

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My grandfather is my first ideal. He is the main source of inspiration. He was a social worker and he likes to do the works for na betterment of the society. In the same way I am following his footsteps. He wants to see me as a social worker. Now he is no more.

write an essay on an ideal man in my life

But I am to fulfill his dreams. So as I have said that I want to be a social worker now a days I have started my works.

write an essay on an ideal man in my life

My farther and my mother both of them are my ideal. They are doing hardwork and sacrificing many things only for my success. They are always with me as my strength. Abdul Kalam is the main source of inspiration in the field of education. So I am just trying to follow his thoughts with one strong belief that one day definitely I will be a successful person in my life and will college engineering research paper outline the works for the betterment of the society.

Read More. Govinda 08 Jul Father. Pranoti 08 Jul My mother is the ideal of my life.

Elizabeth Gaskell 's Construction Of The Ideal Man

She is such an inspiring and hard working personality who will mesmerize you by her loving and caring nature. She always lifts me up whenever I feel pn. She is the person who has been always supportive in nature in my life. She is my mentor who guides me in every situation.

write an essay on an ideal man in my life

She emphasizes the importance of being honest with our own self in life to achieve success. She is the best person in my life.]