Write an essay about my currentjob

If you want to master something, teach it.

Indicator #2: You recently finished a high-impact project

And writing is a simple way to esswy just that. I am by no means the definitive expert on how to write about your work, but I have a strong sense for what good looks like on this front. You know what one of my least favorite statements is?

write an essay about my currentjob

I spent over two years struggling with content marketing at mh startup, when that company was acquired I went the freelance path for a bit and had write an essay about my currentjob time to reflect on my experiences and how inbound marketing had changed in the half decade plus that I had been practicing it. Spoiler: Far Less Content a post that played a big part in helping me find my current role at HubSpot.

When he took his first CEO role, he wrote an epic post recapping what he learned at HubSpot and sharing how he would apply those lessons at Databox.

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Quitting a job, starting a job, getting a promotion, taking a sabbatical — these are career inflection points that should cause you to pause, think, and do a little writing. Finishing a project is a great time to stop, reflect, and write about your work.

write an essay about my currentjob

Some questions to ask yourself:. Sometimes your own curiosity will drive you to go deep, like when Anastasia Mudrova sorted through piles of existing data ann founder stories to understand why startups fail.

write an essay about my currentjob

Take stock of your emotional reaction, refine your opinion with some research and reality talk to ,yand get it out there. These posts take will often come in write an essay about my currentjob form of:. One of my favorite versions of this post is curreentjob senior people build frameworks around their knowledge.

It can get weird. Also, big giant hat tip to Diana Smith from Segment. It offered the most comprehensive guideline for professionals who just wanted to write about their work without becoming writers.

How a personal essay is different from a personal statement

But it would be remiss of me not to give credit where credit is due. We bring you stories, insights, and ideas to help you and your business grow. Sign in.

write an essay about my currentjob

Most Recommended Editor's Choice. I want to write about my work, but what should I write about?]