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Essay on My House: My beautiful house is a paradise for my entire family. We have three bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining hall and a prayer hall.

Our house is beautifully planned with the latest marble flooring and exquisite decorative walls. Dssay architecture of the house looks serene and splendid with eco-friendly patterns.

Essay on My House 200 Words in English

We have allowed provisions for rainwater harvesting and groundwater collection to aid water conservation. People live in many different kinds of houses. As for me, I usually live in an apartment on the top write about my house essay of a building in the middle of the city. As I live in the heart of my city, it is often bustling with crowds of busy people trying to get to work, get back home, or spend some time with their friends and family.

Since I live on the top floor, I am lucky enough not to be disturbed by street sounds like honking, traffic, and roaring motorcycles. My apartment has three bedrooms — one for me and my brother, another for guests, and a third for my parents.

It also has a single kitchen, a living room, multiple bathrooms, a balcony, and a long write about my house essay connecting all these rooms. As someone who has shifted houses multiple times in several write about my house essay, it can be difficult to develop a strong attachment to a house. Nevertheless, my favourite aspects of the apartment would definitely be the large windows in my room.

write about my house essay

Two of the four walls of my room mainly consist of windows, which allows plenty of sunlight to enter and gives me a gorgeous view of the sunset in the evening. The balcony is also an excellent viewing spot to stand and stare at the sun dip below a sea of tall buildings.

write about my house essay

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write about my house essay