Write a descriptive essay about my school

A school is a medium of learning for children and is often regarded as a place of worship for the students. Writing an essay on my school is quite common among students. Here we have essays on My School of different lengths which would prove quite helpful to your children. You can choose the essay as per your length requirement and you shall find that essays have scool written in quite easy to understand yet crisp language.

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Moreover, the essays have been written in such a manner that they are suited for all classes, be it the junior school or the senior classes. Education in India has made significant progress over the years.

write a descriptive essay about my school

Aa private and public schools facilitate education for Indian children and follow the same regulations for teaching curriculum. All schools incorporate extracurricular activities into the school systems, which motivates the learners and help them in realizing their talents and building their personalities. Schools are funded by the three levels i. Schools in India cover primary, secondary and post-secondary levels of education.

Best Things About the School Life for Students

The highest percentage of schools offer primary education. My school is a public institution that is located in Delhi.

write a descriptive essay about my school

Crescent Public school was established in and it has been in operation ever since. The school is well equipped in terms of facilities as we have a gym, a library, a nice playground, our classes are modern, the buses are adequate and labs are functional.

I joined this school in the year and I have been able to learn a lot about the school. The school is affordable and the education I write a descriptive essay about my school received is quality because I have wrihe in all aspects of life.

write a descriptive essay about my school

Not only is the school excellent in education, but also excellence in sports is achieved. I have always loved playing tennis. This year, we secured third position in the same sport, which was an exciting experience for both the students and the teachers.


It zbout been a great experience especially with support from our teachers. My School, St. It is one of the oldest schools for boys in India, established during the British rule. It aims to provide a family atmosphere for us to become intellectually enlightened, spiritually profound, emotionally balanced, socially committed and morally responsible students.]