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The response has been, well, mixed to say the least.

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The video raises important questions, and though I disagree with Allie on her ultimate conclusion, there is actually more common ground that we share than we probably realize, though where we differ needs to be laid out i dont know what else to write in my essay we can better understand each other. Before we engage in any sort of meaningful discussion about whether or not self love is biblical, we need to a second to define our terms and make sure we are in fact talking about the same thing.

This sort of self love is site write my essay opposed to Scripture, which teaches that in and of ourselves, we are nothing, sinners separated from and in rebellion towards God. Yet in the eyes of God, we are creatures worth redeeming, and once redeemed, bear His mark which gives us ultimate value and purpose as we are being ever conformed to the image of His Son.

However, where Site write my essay think Allie starts making unwarranted aite is in saying that self-love is never mentioned in Scripture.

site write my essay

This site write my essay completely wrong-headed and based on a different definition of self love and love in general. Back in February ofI had the privilege of being present for a sermon from Christian apologist Josh McDowell on the definition of love.

You can watch the entire sermon here.


What McDowell preached has radically altered my view of love, as dssay rightly should have, as well as my understanding of self love and how it is in fact, properly understood, a Scriptural concept.

Basically, this is the summary of the main points of the sermon. McDowell points out that this principle is predicated upon our site write my essay of loving ourselves and the ability to do so.

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So here we see healthy self love appears to be an integral part of how we live our day to day lives as Christians. So how should we then be loving ourselves? More importantly, how do we even define esasy

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This is a question that trips people up nowadays, mostly due to the misconceptions I site write my essay about earlier. McDowell points out that the Apostle Paul mentioned almost in passing this concept of loving ourselves in his instruction concerning the relationship between a husband and wife in Ephesians He who loves his wife loves himself.

site write my essay

You could say that in loving his wife, the husband is also loving himself, because the two are one flesh.]