Scott fitzgerald essay about his motivation as a writer

scott fitzgerald essay about his motivation as a writer

A couple of reasons. One is that I felt a greater kinship with Fitzgerald than with any other subject. I went to Blake school, the Twin Cities rival to his St. Paul Academy.

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Paul, and attended St. I like to think that she — the essy, red-haired Ruth Evelyn Chase — may have danced with the handsome young Fitzgerald. The point is that Fitzgerald and I came from much the same background, thirty years apart: somewhat privileged midwestern kids yet not among the socially predominant class. I could understand why abot mattered so much to Fitzgerald and to his aspiring young protagonists, even thought I could imagine my way into his mind, or at least come close.

scott fitzgerald essay about his motivation as a writer

A second reason is that the book is based on a surprising amount of fresh material. Each morning you walk from Colony Hall to your assigned cabin in the New Hampshire woods.

Money, Materialism And Motivation In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

At noon a knock announces the arrival of a box lunch left outside the door. Otherwise there are no interruptions until you abotu back in the late afternoon.

scott fitzgerald essay about his motivation as a writer

No phones, no mail, no conversation. Both notes were written in or as his marriage was falling apart. By that time he had arrived at a conviction that men and women were compulsively engaged in a war between the sexes Tender Is the Night is the most prominent work of fiction based on that theme.

scott fitzgerald essay about his motivation as a writer

But I was surprised by the vehemence and bitterness of the notes about the conflict between Zelda and himself — a conflict exacerbated by his alcoholism and her schizophrenia. Then there followed:. The second note was still more shocking.

It could only have been written by a man convinced that he and his wife were locked in a struggle aboit which only one of them would emerge alive and well.

The Great Gatsby Figurative Language Analysis

When the firm decided to let Edward Fitzgerald go, they limped back to St. The money to support them came from grandfather McQuillan, who had migrated from Ireland to establish a prosperous wholesale grocery business.

For his mother, her scottt good-looking boy could do no wrong. He did better with the girls. Fitzgerald was driven by a compulsion to please, to gain the approval and admiration, the friendship and love, of others.]