Literature review essay outline

Writing a literature review might be easier than you think.

literature review essay outline

This article is just about that. Why is the literature review important? What are its types?

What Is a Literature Review?

We will uncover these and other possible questions. Whether you are an experienced researcher or a student, this article will come in handy. Keep reading!

literature review essay outline

Literature review outlooks the existing sources on a given topic. Its primary goal is to provide an overall picture of the studied object. In case literature review essay outline want to see the examples of this type of work, check out our collection of free student essays. In most cases, you need to write a literature review as a part of an academic project. Those can be dissertations, theses, or research papers.

📑 Literature Review Outline: Approaches to Structuring

Writing itself is less important than an in-depth analysis of current literature. Do you want to avoid possible frustration in academic writing?

Make a confident start with a literature review. That is why we cannot but use the works of other authors.

Literature Review: Step-by-Step Strategy

Discuss, critique, analyze, and debate. So, the purpose of the literature review is to make an outlook of existing ideas or thoughts. Abstracting from personal opinions and judgments is a crucial attribute. You can reach the purpose we have discussed above in several ways. Considering that means there are literature review essay outline types of literature review.

Remember: before writing a literatuge review, specify its type.

5 Steps to Outline a Literature Review

Another step you should take literqture to argue your choice. Make sure it fits the research framework. Sure, both annotated bibliography and literature review list the research topic-related sources. But no more than that.

literature review essay outline

Such contextual attributes as goal, structure, and components differ a lot. To sum up: an annotated bibliography is more referral. It does not require reading all the sources in literature review essay outline list.

We are getting closer to a perfect literature review! Literature review essay outline of the case, you should not just list several literature items. On the contrary, build a decent logical connection and analysis. One more essential thing to do is to define the research boundaries.

Push back on the chosen topic and define the number and level of comprehensiveness esszy your paper.]