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There is little to worry about here, because you can either hide your ePortfolio inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas search engines or password protect pages within it. You own your ePortfolio, so you determine the visibility of your ePortfolio. Some tips:. Starting Fallall students will be using Digication to build their ePortfolios. We will no longer build new ePortfolios on Weebly, Wix, Jimdo, Yola, Google Sites, or WordPress, but assistance is still available for those who have already built their ePortfolios on these platforms.

Students who have built their ePortfolio on platforms other than Digication are welcome to move their ePortfolio to Digication or keep their current account.

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Please use Digication to create your new ePortfolio. See the " Tutorials " page or the " Lab Information " page for details more assistance. Reflection can be described in various ways: musing, self- evaluation, metacognition, meditation, jnurl, consideration, rumination, etc.

Intentional reflection can take on many forms: memoirs, personal essays, reflection essays, video diaries, documentaries, lab reports, research journals, etc.

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It involves discovery: what is known knowledge and unknown perplexity? John Dewey and other educational theorists argue that inquiry and connection making are the foundations of meaningful reflection. Absolutely not. Wrte is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be taken very seriously.


You should know that the College subscribes to anti-plagiarism software that faculty imurl to compare current digital artifacts with those appearing anywhere else on the Web.

Also note that using copyrighted or trade-marked materials is a violation of the law. If you do not know if it is okay to use something such as an image check this chart or refer to this booklet on Fair Use.

If inurp use an image inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas Google images, after doing your search, make sure you select "tools" and then "usage rights". Then choose images that are approved under either "labeled for reuse" or "labeled for multiple book review essay example reuse".

inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas

The Learning Wrjte are essential capacities that all students should inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas regardless of academic major or career plans, for they will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

When you put assignments and reflection in the course pages of your ePortfolio, revisit your Goals and Outcomes page and create links from the Learning Outcomes to the work in your courses.


See iinurl examples for ideas. Remember that as you take a variety of General Education courses, your professors are engaged in a collective effort to help you achieve these learning outcomes.

inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas

Quick Links. Yes, it is a course-level requirement in all General Education courses, but it is not a General Education graduation requirement.

inurl eportfolios write my essay inurl canvas

Think of it as an assignment that is common to all General Education courses. Eportfolos the ePortfolio outline once, and use it for all of your General Education courses.]