How to write my spiritual journey essay

Churches spend much of their time and effort bringing people to a point of belief without clearly teaching them to follow Christ ways. Every new convert needs to know what God is like and ho He requires of us.

how to write my spiritual journey essay

Without knowing what God is like believers cannot understand who God is. As we learn who He is the how to write my spiritual journey essay we will be willing to surrender our lives in discipleship. When mentoring someone the very act of spending time with them and teaching them that God wants us to make disciples encourages them to pass on wisdom how to write my spiritual journey essay others. Mentoring is not iourney an option for me as I have children, so mentoring Christianity to my kids and life skills is something I do daily as well as with….

My spiritual formation has taken a similar approach. In my earlier years, a strong foundation was laid cooking research paper pdf have served me throughout my life. Intense times of drawing closer to God and key people in my life have served to frame my life for service in the Kingdom.

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There have been how to write my spiritual journey essay or expansion and remodeling where God continues to complete the work He began in me. I was born free easy essay writer raised….

Putting aside pride which feeds conflict. It is a great thing to teach people how to deal with things in a way which honors God. That is why He wrote our way of escape Philippians How to write my spiritual journey essay Birth as a church community went through a process as they moved forward in their ministry and with their Pastor.

As fellow churches across the nation prayed for them. Jesus purposely placed us Kingdom workers in this social set up in order to address them and release people.

This is not only about the spiritual aspect, but also the physical aspect of the people. As we are His followers, we are responsible addressing these issues and release His people.

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It took me many services ai that writes research paper our church to realize what I sliritual doing there. I how to write my spiritual journey essay to remember why I even started going to wtite in the first place.

I only went to church and became baptized because my parents wanted me to. It was rare that I ever voluntarily wanted to go to church. Every time that I was told to pray to God, I tried to picture sending my words up to heaven, but it never felt right when I was done. And at 15 I started drinking Alcohol, smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and using pills.

At 16 I started getting in trouble with the law, a lot!

how to write my spiritual journey essay

I had to sale my truck to pay for lawyer fees, do 6 months of community service, and was court ordered to attend church and go to church counseling. Spreading this love is one act of being a follower of Jesus. I strive each and every day to make myself a better me, to be who I was meant to be, the image that How to write my spiritual journey essay ky me to be. No matter how many times I have messed up and thought there was no going back, God was there for me in prayer with wide arms just waiting for me to come back to him.

Also, God says to love your enemies. He is ever with me, He shows me how to live my life in truth and love.

how to write my spiritual journey essay

He guides me, convicts how to write my spiritual journey essay of my sin and always remind me that I am a child of God, who is loved and forgiven. The Holy Spirit has changed my life and brought God to the forefront for me so that my life has completely changed. That ny made me want to try in my life again, I was sick of spiraling.]