How to write my njhs essay

The National Junior Honor Society NJHS recognizes students that excel academically and that have demonstrated strong leadership and committed service to their communities.

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The NJHS is open to students in grades 6 through 9. To determine eligibility, the NJHS considers candidates' fitness based on the criteria of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service nhs Citizenship, in order to select students who have both a great academic performance, and also a well-rounded presence in their school community.

how to write my njhs essay

Students who have a qualifying grade point average and are interesting in joining the NJHS can fill out an application set by their local chapter, which often includes an essay detailing their qualifications. Start by brainstorming the key ideas of your essay. For this step, think about what accomplishments show that you meet the criteria njha the NJHS.

how to write my njhs essay

Then, sketch out the structure of your mj how to write my njhs essay drafting so that it is organized and efficient. This way, you will have an easier time writing a balanced essay that substantially treats each of your important topics.

First, discuss your scholarly achievements. NJHS membership is offered only to students that have demonstrated academic excellence.

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List your grade point average, class rank and any awards, such as Honor Roll, that recognize your scholarly achievements. Also list honors, how to write my njhs essay prep or advanced placement courses that you have taken or in which you are currently enrolled.

It is important to prove not only that you have succeeded hypothesis in research paper pdf, but also that you have challenged yourself academically. Next, highlight your leadership experience.

For instance, if you have served as a class officer or in any leadership position in an extracurricular activity, include details of such experience.

how to write my njhs essay

Also discuss your leadership in sports, if applicable. If you have served as a team captain, say so.

how to write my njhs essay

Indicate whether you were elected or appointed. The NJHS looks for students that are involved in activities beyond the classroom and that stand out as leaders to adults and to their peers.]