How to write my favourite book essay

Books are friends who will never abandon you.

Essay on My Favourite Book in 200 Words

This saying rings true for me because books have always been there for me. I like to read books.

how to write my favourite book essay

They have the ability to transport us through worlds without requiring hlw to leave our current location. Books have the power to transport people all over the world without them having to leave their homes.

My parents and teachers always encouraged me to read when I was younger. Harry Potter, on the other hand, will always be my favourite book.

how to write my favourite book essay

Rowling, one of our generation's most eminent writers, wrote the Harry Potter hhow. These books depict the edsay world and its operations. Rowling has done such a good job how to write my favourite book essay painting a picture of this world that it feels real. Despite the fact that the series consists of seven books, I have a personal favourite. When I first started reading the book, it immediately piqued my interest.

Despite having read all of the previous parts, none of the books piqued my interest apa research paper outline and abstract much as this one did.

how to write my favourite book essay

The introduction of the other wizard schools is one of the things about this book that most excites me. The Triwizard Tournament concept is one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen in the Harry Potter series.

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In addition, some of my favourite characters appear in this book. Rowling's description of that character's aura and personality is simply brilliant. Furthermore, it made me a bigger fan of the series.

Despite the fact that the books are set in the world of wizards and magic, the Harry Potter series jy many lessons for young people to learn.

Essay on My Favourite Book in 300 Words

For starters, it teaches us the value of friendship. I've read a lot of books, but I've never come across a friendship like Harry, Hermoine, and Ron's.

how to write my favourite book essay

Throughout the books, these three musketeers stayed together and never gave up. It taught me the importance of having a good friend.


Furthermore, the Harry Potter series taught me that no one is perfect. Everyone carries both good and evil within them. Wrjte aided me in making better decisions and becoming a better person. We see how even the most flawed characters, such as Snape, had goodness within them.]