How to write my collegee essay

First, what is the college essay i.

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This is your main essay. Your application centerpiece. The essay is a chance for the student to share who they are now and what they will bring to our campus communities.

How to write my collegee essay, college admission officers are looking for three takeaways in your college essay:. Will this person contribute something of value to our campus?

Writing the College Essay

Below are the five exercises I have every student complete before I meet with them:. Essence Objects Exercise : 12 min. Values Exercise : 4 min.

how to write my collegee essay

The Feelings and Needs Exercise : min. I recommend recording all the content from your exercises in one document how to write my collegee essay keep things neat. At the start of the essay process, I ask students two questions:.

On the weak end of the spectrum would be things like getting a bad grade or not making X sports team. On the strong end of the spectrum would be esssy like escaping war. Being extremely shy but being responsible for translating for your family might be around a 3 or 4 out of But, for the sake of this blog post, answer those first two questions with a gut-level response.

how to write my collegee essay

Heads-up: Some students who have faced challenges find after reading that they prefer Montage Structure to Narrative Structure. Or vice versa. A montage is, simply put, a series of moments or story events connected by a common thematic thread.

how to write my collegee essay

Or remember the opening to the Pixar movie Up? One purpose is to communicate a lot of information fast. Another is to allow you to share a lot of different kinds of information, as the example essay below shows.

Would you Rather watch instead?

Narrative Structure vs. Montage Structure explained in two sentences:. In Narrative Structure, story events connect chronologically.

how to write my collegee essay

In Montage Structure, story events connect thematically. Imagine that each different part of you is a bead and that a select few will show up in your essay. The theme of your essay is the thread that ewsay your beads.]