How to write an essay on my philosophy of life

Our life time is limited.

how to write an essay on my philosophy of life

My philosophy of life has always been to live life to the fullest. This gives me self-satisfaction for giving my best to complete them, no matter how good or bad the outcome turns out to be. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuitionthey somehow already phi,osophy what you truly want to become. I have so much interest in achieving a lot in this life.

how to write an essay on my philosophy of life

I always want to follow my interests and doing what made me feel good. The problems start when we listen too much to outside sources. I went through one of these periods myself. Looking back, I see that while it was a period of struggle, it also helped me go deeper into what worked for me. Positive thinking helps us to be healthier lifs, more productive and ultimately happier.

Yet philoskphy most of us it is hard to practice optimism on a regular basis.

The Importance Of Philosophy In Life

Optimistic thinkers tend to anticipate the best outcome from every situation they face. I try my best to be optimistic and think positively each and every day. No matter what challenges come on my way, I try to look at the bright side since positivity is not only in our head, but it also boosts our physical and mental writw.

how to write an essay on my philosophy of life

Give what you can. This is another phrase that I include in my philosophy of living life to the fullest. We do not have to be filthy rich to be able to contribute to others. A simple gesture and manner of giving to those in need is a good practice that must be a way of off.

My Philosophy of Life Essay

Being kind and generous leads us to perceive others more positively. I have experienced attaining more happiness when giving to how to write an essay on my philosophy of life in need rather than keeping it to myself when I know that the other person needs it more than me.

Ultimately, I did eesay receiving better and more fingerprint research paper pdf after lending help to those in need.

So, either the art of giving is practiced due to my ah selfishness or selflessness, I still reap the benefits at the end of the day. Accessed 10, Page 1 of 3.

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