How to write an essay on my name

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In the introduction, I want to say that there are a lot of names in the world. But a person at birth receives only one.

how to write an essay on my name

He goes through life with this name, sometimes without even thinking that his name can have a very interesting story related to his origin or interpretation. It is also believed that the name affects the character and the fate of the person who wears it.

When she was told that she would have a boy, my mom was very happy about this and started picking the name. Initially, there were two variants of the names: Alex and Andrew.

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She decided that it would be Andrew, but after she found out that her friend had given birth to a son three days before her, and called him Andrew, my mother categorically decided to call me Alex. Essay writing service fiverr Alex? The full name is Alexander.

The name Writs is derived from the Greek culture. She thought that Alexander would certainly grow up gifted, handsome and intelligent.

how to write an essay on my name

Searching for the meaning of our names is cool and curious. Alex is an awesome name, but the meaning is the contrary. One book tells that my name characterizes a person who is not a builder but a planner.

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That I am bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research, that I know what I want and why I want it. Alexanders are creative and outgoing, always looking for an opportunity to show their abilities, especially before the audience. I agree with this statement and feel comfortable with this interpretation. I am feeling grateful for my parents for this name.

You can learn so much about yourself, only figuring out the secret of your name. Without our names, who would we be?

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how to write an essay on my name

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