How to write an essay about my role model

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how to write an essay about my role model

Everyone has a role model in their life to admire and inspire them in making a decision. Whether it can be a eessay, superhero, or just someone they admire. For me, my role model is my father, who inspired me. He is the one I always admire in my life.

Descriptive Essay About My Mother

When I have children, I want to be similar to my father to do for my kids how he takes care of me. He is very knowledgeable, successful, and he has always been by my side to encourage me to be more vital to overcome every difficulty and support any goal I tried to reach.

The maleficent review essay thing is my father is knowledgeable.

how to write an essay about my role model

He is as a handyman in my house. If some electronic devices in the home are damaged, he will fix them by himself. Also, my father is a good chef. He always treated me many delicious foods such as Vietnamese food, Thai food, and Chinese food since I could remember. Moreover, I think he is how to write an essay about my role model exhausted. He seems to work abotu days and gets only 4 -5 hours of sleep. For example, he always wakes up at 5 AM to do exercise, and then he runs us business, takes me to school, and cooking.

how to write an essay about my role model

He is an excellent example for me to follow in my life. My father is not only knowledgeable, but he is a aboit person, too. When I was a child, my father told me his story about how he started his business. He used to go to school and work 10 hours a day. He worked hard and saved money to start his business. Also, he is smart. Tp has finished and received a pharmacy degree. Besides running his business, he also works in a hospital.

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I thought my father is super hero. He inspired me to be successful. I was scared that I could do that, but I thought about how my father got success, which has encouraged me to essay writer jobs usa going. Finally, my father has always been by my side to make sure I overcome difficulties and progress towards my goal.

Rkle my memory, my father was the first person to go through my troubles.

My Role Model And Role Models In The Movie Parenthood

I remembered a heavy rain day. The roads heavily flooded. I was stuck at elementary school with thunder, dark sky.

It scared me a lot.

how to write an essay about my role model

Suddenly, I saw my father was wading into the water to pick me up. That incident made me love him so much.]