How to write a review essay example

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A review essay for the biological sciences serves to discuss and synthesize key findings on a particular subject. Review papers are helpful to the writer and their colleagues in gaining critical awareness in specialized fields that may or may not be their own. This guide explains what a review essay is and identifies several approaches to writing a review essay.

Although much of the information is geared directly to the biological sciences, it is generally applicable to review essays in all fields. A review essay is a synthesis of primary sources mainly research papers presented in academic journals on a given topic.

A biological review essay how to write a review essay example that the writer has thorough understanding of the literature and can formulate a useful analysis.

how to write a review essay example

While no new research is presented by the writer, the field benefits from the review by recieving a new perspective. There are several approaches one may take when writing a biological review:.

A state of the art review considers mainly the most current research in a given area.

how to write a review essay example

The review may offer new perspectives on an issue or point out an area in need of further research. A historical review is a survey of the development of a particular field of study. It may examine the early stages of the field, key findings to present, key theoretical models and their evolution, etc. A comparison of perspectives review contrasts various ways of looking at a certain topic.

Elements of a review essay

If in fact there is a debate over some process or idea, a comparison of perspectives review may illustrate how to write a review essay example research that supports both sides. A comparison of perspectives review may introduce a new perspective by way of comparing it to another. Many times researchers in different fields may be working on similar problems. A synthesis of two fields review provides insights into a given topic based on a review of the literature from two or more disciplines.

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A theoretical model building review examines the literature within a given area with the intention of developing new theoretical assumptions. This guide will inform you of certain things not to miss when writing a review essay. It will also give you some information about using and documenting your sources.

how to write a review essay example

When writing a review essay it is important to how to write a review essay example the scope of the topic narrow enough so that you can discuss it thoroughly. For example a topic such as air quality in factories could be narrowed significantly to something like carbon dioxide levels in auto manufacturing plants.

A good way to narrow your focus is to start with a broad topic that is of some interest to you, then read some of the literature in the field. Look for a thread of the discussion that points to a more specific topic.]

how to write a review essay example