How to write a literature review med research paper

Rule 1: Define a Topic and Audience

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how to write a literature review med research paper

Literature reviews are important resources for scientists. They provide historical context for a field while offering opinions on its future trajectory. But few scientists are trained in how to write a review — or in what constitutes an excellent one. So Nature asked editors and working scientists how to write a literature review med research paper well-cited reviews for their tips.

Assistant professor of literatuure and biomedical engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. When I was a research student, review writing improved my understanding of hkw history of my field. I also learnt about unmet challenges in the field that triggered ideas. For example, while writing my first review security essay writing service as a PhD student, I was frustrated by how poorly we understood how cells actively sense, interact with and adapt to nanoparticles used in drug delivery.

This experience motivated writing a compare and contrast essay powerpoint to study how the surface properties of nanoparticles can be modified to enhance biological sensing.

When I transitioned to my postdoctoral research, this question led me to discover the role of cell-membrane curvature, which led to how to write a literature review med research paper and my current research focus.

how to write a literature review med research paper

Collection: Careers toolkit. A common problem for students writing their first reviews is being overly ambitious.

When I wrote mine, I imagined producing a comprehensive summary of every single type of nanomaterial used in biological applications. It ended up becoming a colossal piece of work, with too hoa papers discussed and without a clear way to categorize them.

WENTING ZHAO: Be focused and avoid jargon

We published the work in the end, but decided to limit the discussion strictly to nanoparticles for biological sensing, rather than covering how different nanomaterials are used in biology. A good review should also avoid jargon and explain the basic concepts for someone who is new to the field. Bozhi Tian likes to mla format essay writer a variety of perspectives into a review.

Credit: Aleksander Prominski. In my lab, we start by asking: what is the purpose of this wrjte

how to write a literature review med research paper

My reasons for writing one can include the chance to contribute insights to the scientific community and identify how to write a literature review med research paper for my research. I also see review writing as a way to train early-career researchers in soft what is a legit essay writing service such as project management and leadership.

This is especially true for lead authors, because they will learn to work with their aa to integrate the various sections into a piece with smooth transitions and no overlaps. After we have identified the need and purpose of a review article, I will form a team from the researchers in my lab. I try to include students with different areas of expertise, because it is useful to get a variety of perspectives.

After this, I will discuss an outline with my team.

how to write a literature review med research paper

We go through multiple iterations to make sure that we have scanned the literature sufficiently and do not hlw discussions that have appeared in other reviews. It is also important that the outline is not decided by me alone: students often have fresh ideas that they can bring to the table.

Once this is done, we proceed with the writing. I think this can increase readership and accessibility because these videos can be easily shared on social-media platforms.]