How to write a descriptive essay on my school

My School EssayWe all been to school and loved every moment we have passed over there as that is the building block and essential feature of our life. We always love to write about our childhood and life we have spent in our school along with reddit how to write a research paper on a person related to our childhood.

Here we write about lots of short and long essays on my school for students who want to get idea of doing creative writing and want to relive the moment of childhood.

Download the PDF Here. The most memorable how to write a descriptive essay on my school are the ones that spent in our class rooms. Often our schools are near or far and we seldom makes excuses to go school as to wake up early in the morning. Our schools often makes us feel at comfortable. My school was near to my home and I believe my school taught me so much that a kid should know like about ethics, principles and every sort of aspect of life.

how to write a descriptive essay on my school

I found my school very sweet just like heaven on earth that prepare the small minds for many great tasks. I am writing a very simple essay on my school in which I describe my school and highlights its aspects. I am very proud of my school as it not only provides education but helps us build a better descriptjve.


It is a tool for character building for any nation and I descriptuve think this is a great place to make way for the future. I am really blessed to study in this school which is really great. I found my school building very creative and very interesting and it has many classrooms where many students descriptibe.

My school experience is very great every day and my school is the best in the entire city. I am proud to study in the best school in the city.

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Every day on morning assembly in my school, I stand with my friends there and chant the national anthem. After the assembly, we move into our classrooms which are quite relaxed.

We and our teacher greets us daily and ask about our homework as well as ourselves. Our first-period teacher is very kind and cool man. He not only teaches us but entertain us too.

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He is very witty and understanding of the subject is very deep so he conveys his knowledge and wisdom too. We learn a lot from him like discipline, corporation, confidence and etc. We have a echool playground, a very nice and decent library along with it there is a science hall which has different scientific things for children.

We enjoy every day and take how to write a descriptive essay on my school in all school activities like dancing, quizzes, singing, sports, writing competitions, and indoor games. I consider my school a blessing of God.

They are really serving the nation and preparing us for giving our full part in the development of the nation.

how to write a descriptive essay on my school

I am blessed to have many schools in our country which offers great education yet the personal development of every citizen. Early to bed, early to rising, makes the men healthy, wealthy and wise. This is the quotation I am hearing since childhood and I found it absolute truth.

how to write a descriptive essay on my school

Mt I am a student so I follow a simple routine except for Sundays. So my routine is to take breakfast which is a glass of milk with a few biscuits. After that, I sit with my book and read the chapters which I needed to be understood in the coming classes till 8 a.

how to write a descriptive essay on my school

I always almost finish my reading lessons during this period of three hours. I do not believe in the last hour preparations so I start early every day and take my meal at 9 a. Our school starts at 10 a.]