History book review essay example

Before beginning, think about what an author is trying to accomplish in writing a book of history. This may seems obvious, but if you think about it, it isn't always.


The answer will help you to review the book. There are several component parts to this question:.

history book review essay example

Before writing, ask yourself why book reviews are done — what are they trying to achieve? For which audience?

history book review essay example

A full summary of book not necessary. The reader just needs to know what the book is actually about to make a judgment about whether it is worth reading. Will the book be controversial?

history book review essay example

Go back to this point in your conclusion. Was the goal achieved? Note: critical does not have to mean negative.

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Exzmple you've gone through history book review essay example the elements of the book mentioned above, brave new world research paper outline you have critically analyzed the book. Important : you must take a stand — do not be shy about making an argument. Block quotes longer than three lines are not necessary — They take up too much space in a short review.

Use other reviews to help you find things and nistory indexes like "Historical Abstracts" to find reviews. How does this book fit into a social or historiographical trend?

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This can be as simple as looking in the card catalogue. Sometimes trends in the personal development of the author are interesting. Find this in preface, or introduction. Maybe examp,e doesn't seem to fit the book?

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If something is glaring here talk about it, otherwise leave it out. Follow general style and writing tips available at web site: hist. University of Calgary University Dr.

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