Examples of peer review essay feedback

The system of peer-reviewed journals requires that academics review papers written by other academics, that is, papers written by their peers. We have previously discussed peer review generally Why do the rules and conventions exakples academic publishing keep changing examples of peer review essay feedback how can researchers stay current?

This article will cover the other side: being a reviewer. Here, we'll look at the basic tenets of eszay review, and we've provided a sample framework to help new reviewers give comments that will help authors strengthen their papers.

Giving an effective peer review: sample framework and comments

Peer reviews are intended to be impartial unbiasedand so anyone asked to be a reviewer should consider, before accepting, whether they have any COIs. Anything that could make you, as a reviewer, consider the paper more or less favorably because of your relationship with examples of peer review essay feedback author is a COI.

You should decline to review, or at minimum disclose to the journal editor, papers written by a past co-authors of yours, b members of your department, c your students or mentors, d personal friends, and e professional rivals. You should also decline if you will gain any potential financial or personal benefits from publication of the off.

examples of peer review essay feedback

If you are unsure about whether a conflict of interest exists, check the journal's guidelines or with the journal editor. The reviewer acts as an advisor to the journal editor.

Review Outline

Because of this, the review should examppes more than a simple "accept" or "reject". When writing a review, you should describe the reasons for the recommendation so that the editor can make an informed decision. It is far more important to comment on the academic content of a paper than on grammar and punctuation.

However, if the language is too poor to understand the contents adequately, then alert the journal editor. Examples of peer review essay feedback below for a sample framework that will assist you in ensuring that you've covered the most important points in your review.

examples of peer review essay feedback

The review will be sent to the author of the paper. Because of this, reviewers are in a strong position to advise the author on how the paper could be strengthened. Whether you are recommending acceptance or rejection, the author could benefit from your feedback and advice.

examples of peer review essay feedback

One particular caution is when you want to suggest the authors cite your own papers—do this sparingly. The review should be intended to help the author, not the reviewer.

examples of peer review essay feedback

Finally, reviews should be respectful in tone.]