Essay about not being a good writer

Reflection Paper On English 102

Your English is very good, but you have some minor errors. Your essay gains power and focus as it goes on.

essay about not being a good writer

The beginning is a bit disorganized, but by the end you have the wind in your sails. To revise this essay for the portfolio at the end of the semester you will want to think about bring your paragraphs. Then you will want to correct any grammar errors. Good job. For the revision, I decided to look at the Professor Hays comments.

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I added relevant information and took out unnecessary words. I looked through each and every yellow comments to respond to each comments.

essay about not being a good writer

I corrected fragments and run-ons. She always promised me anything if I decide to read to her. I was a shy little girl who did not talk that much.

I can recall that as I entered into my teenage years I started to read more.

My Ability As A Writer Analysis

High school was when I really got into reading so I read a lot of books and wrote a lot. My English essay about not being a good writer in high school made me enjoy reading. She made us choose the book we interested us a students. Also I have learned that I only enjoy reading books that I am not force to read.

I like picking out my own books writeg read instead of assigned books to read because they get boring. I was very passionate about what I read and would always discuss it with people.

Writing has always created a safe space for me because it lets out my thoughts. I write to be free. I nt to be heard.

essay about not being a good writer

I write to have a voice. It takes a lot of time for me to be focused when writing.

essay about not being a good writer

When I have a paper to write, I sometimes get anxious.]