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The author-god, according to midth-century language theorist Roland Barthes, embodies the Romantic notion of the artist to whom brilliant epiphanies come to be written down. In fact, at times throughout history, the best authors were believed to have been chosen and directly inspired by God himself. The idea of wfiter genius author perpetuates the bad idea that some people are just born good writers essay about a writer others are not.

Many institutional reasons exist for essay about a writer on to an untroubled concept of genius authorship: degrees, jobs, grades, salary, promotions, tenure and awards often depend on it.

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And writing is hard work; we feel a sense of pride at what we have accomplished essay writing service #1 custom having our name attached to it. While culturally and professionally we are all quite essay about a writer to the idea of individual author genius, it has been complicated by the technological shifts of the last several decades -- notably the personal computer, word processors, the internet and all its present manifestations -- which facilitate the conflation of author, reader and editor.

Writing is more collaborative and socially situated essay about a writer it has ever been. More than 20 years ago in Electric LanguageMichael Heim wrote that a new understanding of the relationship between language and knowledge has resulted how to write an abstract of a research paper pdf personal computers.

Because computer-based composition is quicker than pen to paper and because the internet allows us to share what we have written so quickly, our composition happens quickly, often wrriter a reaction to what someone else has written or posted. Heim also reminds his readers that one of the effects of word processing and subsequently web publishing writed that authors are not just authors; they are also editors and publishers, broadening the individual's daily interaction with language.

In other words, while the idea of the individual author genius is theoretically problematic, it is also practically problematic, because our everyday authorship practices are socially situated, collaborative and interactive. They are often punished for being students.

essay about a writer

Is it not our job to teach them? To alleviate this disconnect between what culture believes writing is and what the activity of writing involves, many writing studies professionals agree that we should emphasize the contextual aspects that shape writing. With a voice and ideas and opinions about things they have read or have seen. One potential way to do this is to take writing out of the sole context of the classroom.

I will not deny, however, that certainly some authors are naturally more comfortable, experienced essay about a writer confident than others, or that some may have more practiced facility with certain bullying laws research paper outline situations. Natural essay about a writer exists. Sometimes I compare writing to sports: I am not a naturally talented athlete, but I have trained for and run dozens of races, from 5-Ks to half marathons.

essay about a writer

I am a runner. A person may not be naturally strong, but how could they gain strength? Lift weights. Need wrjter flexibility and balance? Practice yoga.

essay about a writer

Likewise it is with writing. We are all authors, and all authors can become better authors.

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Indeed, research in writing studies shows that improved writing can be taught to writers at all levels. But we must first debunk the deeply examples how to write a research paper essay about a writer in the collective psyche that only some lucky people are good writers in order to increase openness to learning how to write better.

If a person thinks their writing ability is stuck in place, improvement is incredibly difficult, further solidifying as a self-fulfilling prophecy a belief that they are a hopeless cause. This idea that some people are good writers while others are just not can be truly crippling to a writer. Good writing instruction -- either in a classroom setting, a tutoring session or informally -- can only occur if a student believes that essay about a writer can become a good writer with practice and focused feedback.

And that can only happen if they have debunked the myth of the genius author. To help them do that, I tell my writing students that writing is fun -- to which they groan and roll their eyes. I push harder. For me, writing is like playing a game or solving a puzzle, because Essay about a writer must figure out certain challenges. In essay about a writer end, I get a feeling of career research paper outline 8th grade -- of funeven -- because I have created something that did not exist before, that only my work could have accomplished in exactly that way.]