Can i write past tense on my essay

When writing, people are often confused about what tense they should use.

can i write past tense on my essay

Should I write this MLA history paper in past tense? Should I write my short story in present or past tense? How about a resume: should I write my job entries in present or past?

And these people are right to be confused because what tense you should use varies widely depending on your writing style and your purpose.

can i write past tense on my essay

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The same is true for your Results and Method sections, but APA makes an exception for Discussion sections where you examine your conclusions and the implications of the studywhich can be in present tense if can i write past tense on my essay better conveys your meaning.

MLA: This style is a bit more straightforward. Per MLA, you should be almost always using present tense:.

Verb Tense Consistency

Chicago: This style is a bit more lenient. If you switch, make sure you need to, such as:. The Romans used various military strategies, some wrjte which are still in use today. AP: AP, which is used by news media, is also more flexible. AP also recommends using time words today, tomorrow, March 17, etc. When talking about your job experience in resumes, the rule is simple: Use present tense for current positions:. Professors and potential investors have different views on what legit research paper writing service a business plan should be written in, but definitely wtite should wrkte using either future or can i write past tense on my essay tense.

Once you get some experience under your belt, you can then start experimenting. A lot of literary fiction is written in present tense these days. Above all, fictional writing needs to be consistent in its tense.

BTW, fictional writing is done in Chicago Style. For everything else, such as business letters, admission essays, and e-mails, and especially in more informal contexts, just use your best judgment and write in whatever tense feels cab to you.

Just remember, for all styles and purposes, always be consistent. Passt to pick one tense and stick with it throughout your piece. If you have to switch tenses, make it very obvious why you are doing so, and at least can i write past tense on my essay to start new paragraphs for new tenses.

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can i write past tense on my essay

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can i write past tense on my essay