Can i write my extended essay in three hours

There is a secret that could help all you first year IB students out there. It is the key to making next year a tgree lot easier.

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It will reduce stress, make the workload easier to handle, and give you wrkte. What is the secret? But I promise you that putting time and effort into your Extended Essay now will save you about five times that effort later.

can i write my extended essay in three hours

In this blog series we're going to take you step-by-step through the Extended Essay process. We started with the first step, what is it?

Now it's time to find a topic.

can i write my extended essay in three hours

That's why we've chosen our four favourite tricks to help you identify what it is you will spend those 40 hours working on.

Yes, 40 hours.

2022 IB Exam Changes Due to COVID-19

With all that other homework, CAS and whatever else you have going on, you are not going to find your topic until you commit quality time to thinking about it. And that means scheduling sessions for yourself which are exclusively devoted to this. Three hour-long sessions over the course of three weeks might not sound like a lot, but might be all you need to identify what you want to write about. Note that you should give yourself time between hurs sessions, because this gives your subconscious the chance to work on it on ezsay side time and sleep are both great for this sort of problem solving!

can i write my extended essay in three hours

During these sessions, do expect some amount of banging your head against the wall not physically before you find the right topic. Exercise 1 : Brainstorm your interests. If you know what subject you want to write about then take a piece of paper and give yourself 5 minutes to write wrife all the things, topics and lessons you enjoyed in the past year.

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Afterwards, see if any of them could fit. Baking is related to Chemistry, for example, while time travel hello sci fi has been explored in Philosophy. As a general rule, if you get bored thinking about it, other people will get bored reading it.

Feel free to go outside the things you would typically learn about in class. Interested in theatre but want to write a History essay?]