Stress in college students research paper pdf

stress in college students research paper pdf

Corresponding Author E-mail: jayasankara. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the problems associated with academic stress as transitions occur at an individual stress in college students research paper pdf social level. It therefore, becomes imperative to understand the sources and impact of academic stress in order to derive adequate and efficient intervention strategies.

The five dimensions of sources such as personal inadequacy, fear of failure, interpersonal difficulties with teachers, teacher pupil relationship and inadequate study facilities were further analysed and gender differences were also obtained.

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Understanding the sources of stress would facilitate the development of effective counselling modules and intervention strategies by school psychologists and counsellors in order to help students alleviate stress.

Reddy K. J, Menon K. R, Thattil A. Biomed Pharmacol J ;11 1. For the longest time, people assumed that the student population was the least affected by any sort of stress or problems.

stress in college students research paper pdf

The only task students were expected to undertake was to study and studying was never perceived as stressful. What proved to be stressful was the expectations parents had for their children, which in turn grew into larger burdens that these children could not carry anymore. According to the statistics published by National Crime Records Bureau, there is one student every hour that commits suicide Saha, The bureau registered 1.

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Academic stress has been identified as the primary cause of these alarming figures. Depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, irritability, etc.

stress in college students research paper pdf

Incidences of depression were also found among stressful adolescents as it is linked with inability to concentrate, fear of failure, negative evaluation of future, etc.

Busari, The pressure these students face to perform is so stress in college students research paper pdf resulting in five-fold increase in suicide attempts. It becomes imperative to coklege understand that low stress does not necessarily ascertain that students will perform better, but in fact under these circumstances, they would perceive the task as unchallenging and may also get easily bored Uchil, ]