Should i write my college essay about my adhd

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should i write my college essay about my adhd

Many students and their parents are worried about disclosing ADHD when applying for college. The decision whether to disclose your ADHD during the admissions abiut is yours to make.

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The Common App does not provide any information on the process of disclosing a disability during the admissions because colleges are not allowed to require students to share this information during the admissions wite. However, many colleges choose to invite disclosure and have a special admissions process to do so. Some colleges list documentation to include during the application process.

If this is not obvious on the admissions website, call the office to find out if a process exists and what documentation is needed.

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Typically, students may be invited to share the following:. Another creative option for many students is to use a required essay on the Common App to weave in information about their disability and how they have learned to overcome adversity.

If documentation of ADHD is provided, be sure to ask who adh the documentation, what their credentials are and what happens to the documentation after it has been reviewed.

should i write my college essay about my adhd

Some colleges have a time limit on documentation, so it may be collefe to get an updated evaluation at home rather than wait and find a new evaluator in a new city. Once students are accepted to a college, additional documentation may need to be submitted to the disability office to receive accommodations since admission and qualifying for accommodations are typically two separate procedures.

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should i write my college essay about my adhd

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