Questions to ask yourself when writing a college essay

In less than words, you have to persuade a stranger to care about you and your application. Think about how much time you spend on homework, standardized testing, and extracurriculars. This single essay will influence admissions officers as much as these other factors.

36 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Your Personal Statement

There is no formula for creating yoursrlf perfect personal statement. The best personal statement topic for your friend might not work well as a topic for you. So, how can you write the best possible personal statement for you and your application? Here are the first steps in the process.

The Personal Statement: Questions to Ask Before Writing

The worst thing you can do is rush the creation of your personal statement. The next two steps below might take weeks You should edit your personal statement multiple times.

questions to ask yourself when writing a college essay

You should get feedback from as many family members, friends, and teachers as you can. But, before you get to this stage, you need to choose the perfect topic and the best Common App essay prompt for you.

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So, when is the right time to start the process of writing your personal statement? You should wssay brainstorming for avatar movie review essay personal statement as early as the spring of your junior year and as late as the summer between junior and senior year.

A successful personal statement relies on having a strong and mature sense of yourself. Starting too soon might mean you need to start over see step 3 after you really do some soul-searching about college.

2019–20 Common App Essays

This step in the process helps you pinpoint that perfect topic for you To start the process of writing your personal statementask yourself the series of 36 questions below. These will help generate yiurself that will be important and meaningful to you.

questions to ask yourself when writing a college essay

Keep a written list of possible topics you could choose. For each topic, ask yourself:.

questions to ask yourself when writing a college essay

And get started with writing your personal statement! I talk more about choosing your personal statement topic, as well as some of the best topics and worst topics here:. Have you already written your words? Ask yourself: is this best possible story I could tell about myself to admissions officers? What does this story show about me? Is there anything that would make me appear privileged, immature, irresponsible, unfriendly, boring, or unmotivated?]