I need help writing a college application essay

Five years ago, I vigorously worked on my college applications. I stayed up late for countless nights and met with my English teacher to review my personal essay. Luckily for me—and a testament to writong hard work—my college admissions process ended with an acceptance to my dream school. Teenagers still stay up too late and stress out too much about which adjectives describe them.

i need help writing a college application essay

Luckily, the permanence of the college essay gives me the cpllege to share some tips i need help writing a college application essay tricks with you! Most college applications include a supplemental essay that offers the opportunity to understand each applicant on a more qualitative level. Colleges include the application process because the admissions board knows that applicants are more than just a GPA, extracurriculars, and test scores.

These ocllege give applicants the chance to showcase their thinking process, resilience, and communication skills.

Why College Admissions Boards Want College Application Essays

Click here for a complete guide. For many, the essay section is the most exciting and most stressful part of the college admissions process. It offers students the opportunity to show off what makes them unique and creative.

i need help writing a college application essay

However, most students have little experience writing personal essays. They are unaware that writing a personal essay will take just as much time, if not more than any academic paper.

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It requires self-reflection, articulation, and a whole lot of editing. Instead of focusing on getting into the school of your dreams, try to craft a story that you could read back in five years with pride.

i need help writing a college application essay

Each essay is a chance for every applicant to speak directly to the admissions board and let them know their unique story. For instance, if a student has few extracurriculars, they might use the essay to explain that they used that time to work a minimum wage job to finance a college fund. Admissions boards are looking for students that are able to communicate about their life, work, and learning philosophies effectively.

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This helps the board get to know each applicant as both a student and a human, and it i need help writing a college application essay help them determine if each student is a good fit for the university or college. Some colleges also use the essay to help them determine whether an applicant is a good fit.

The list below outlines a tried and true approach for tackling the college application essay. The most daunting aspect of the college application essay process for many applicants is writing the first draft.

The personal essay is a writing assignment that many high schools never assign, so the writnig to write a personal story comes with a lot of stress. As mentioned above, before beginning the writing process, the applicant should make sure that the school aligns i need help writing a college application essay their values. The XQ College Pathfinder is x amazing tool to help redirect distracted minds writing essays services review to the college selection process.

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The guide provides a few questions that help students familiarize themselves with each of their selected schools. Reference these questions throughout the research process:. Think of each school as a persona and how would coloege prospective student befriend them.]