How to write a book review research paper

how to write a book review research paper

Book gow in the field of Chicano studies can be sent to the journal; for information, see the new submissions page. The article was updated research paper writing techniques pdf Cite as Belcher, Wendy Laura. Last Modified Writing book reviews is not only the easiest and quickest route to publication, it is a good way to improve your writing skills, develop your analytical skills, learn how the journal publishing process works, and get to know editors.

1. Start with a couple of sentences describing what the book is about

Persuasive essay writer online free, scholars in smaller fields sometimes get together and assign books for review so that every book published in their field is reviewed somewhere. How to write a book review research paper you are doing more than two book reviews a year, you may be spending too much time on book reviews and not enough on your other writing.

Think about what kind of book would be most useful to you in writing your dissertation, finalizing a paper for publication, or passing your exams. Since book reviews do take time, like any writing, it is best to chose a book that will work for you twice, as a publication and as research.

Alternatively, some recommend that graduate students focus on reviewing textbooks or anthologies, since such reviews take less background knowledge and editors can find it difficult to find people willing to do such reviews.

What this handout is about

Although the traditional book review is of one book, editors will often welcome book reviews that address two or more related books—called a review essay. Choose a book that 1 is in your field, 2 is on a topic for which you have sound background knowledge, 3 has been published in the past two or three years, and 4 has been published by a reputable publisher i.

Books on hot topics are often of special interest to editors. It can also be rewarding to pick an obscure but useful book in order to bring attention to it.

Book Review Template

To avoid complications, it is best not to review books written by your advisor, spouse, or ex! Once you have identified several books, locate copies and skim them.

how to write a book review research paper

Pick the book that seems the strongest. Do not pick a book that has major problems or with which you disagree violently.

Writing the Academic Book Review

As a graduate student, you do not have the protection of tenure and may one day how to write a book review research paper evaluated by the person whose book you put to the ax. If you really feel strongly wrige you must write a negative review of a certain book, go ahead and write the review. Academia is, after all, quite oedipal and young scholars do sometimes make their reputations by deflating those who came before them.

Just realize that going on record in reviee a public way may have consequences. Identify several leading journals in your field that publish book reviews. One way to how to write a book review research paper this is to search an on-line article database or something like Book Review Digestif your library has access. Using several key words from your field, limit your search to book reviews and note apa research paper outline at the beggining journals where the results were published.

Before starting to write your review, contact the book review editor of one of the journals.]

how to write a book review research paper